Umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord provide an extremely rich source of stem cells, which are the most precious resources from God to protect baby’s health. To well preserve the stem cells is HealthBaby’s life-long commitment to parents.


International Standard with Guaranteed Quality

"Only Quality and Fidelity is worthy of a Lifetime Trust" is the philosophy of HealthBaby. HealthBaby always puts quality in the top priority and strives for the best quality starting from the first cord blood sample. Regular assessments are conducted by international organizations to ensure the best long-term cord blood storage quality of HealthBaby and gives assurance to our clients.


The Largest Cord Blood Bank in Hong Kong

HealthBaby was the first cord blood bank located in HK Science & Technology Park in 2006, and introduced the state-of-the-art technologies, facilities and experiences from overseas. HealthBaby attained the most local and international accreditations, as well as awards from corporations and government. Meanwhile, HealthBaby is the largest cord blood bank in HK (occupying >10,000 sq. ft.)and the only one equipped with high end laboratory specific for umbilical cord processing.

HealthBaby is a subsidiary of SGX-listed company with solid foothold in Asia covering Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh. We are the most entrusted cord blood bank by parents for 13 consecutive years since 2009 with over 90% market share1.The steady growth of customer base and stable financial status guarantee HealthBaby to provide life-long and reliable cord blood and umbilical cord storage service.