HealthBaby attained H.K. Patented technology exclusively extracting the whole cord tissue as well as the unique processing, storage and culture technologies can fully enhance the quantity and viability of tissue cells after thawing. Best still, HealthBaby adopts sealed freezing bag for storage to eradicate cross-contamination.23,24

Experiments showed that various tissue cells (adipocytes, chondrocytes and vascular endothelial cells) can be differentiated from the cord tissue processed by HealthBaby patented technology. The cell colony number derived was over 20 fold of that derived from non-minced cord tissue segment.

Some cord blood banks cover only part of the cord tissue and mislead clients that tissues stored in cryovials may provide multiple usage while AABB points out that it would cause sample mix-up and cross-contamination1.29 Cord Blood Association of Canada even emphasized to adopt freezing bags to replace cryovials for stem cells storage.30


Exclusive Patented Technology


HealthBaby Consultant

In HK, only Healthbaby has the exclusive cord patent to process and culture stem cells by licensed technology. Our service contract also states the future possibility to culture MSCs from umbilical cord tissue, offering full guarantee to clients. Remember to be aware of the claimed exclusive technology in the market is owned by the third party but not the cord blood bank itself. The quality and guaranty of such services are questionable.

HealthBaby Consultant


Global First Cord Storage Service

HealthBaby pioneered to adopt the professional MSCs retrieval techniques from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008.32 MSCs Laboratory complied with “Good Tissue Practice” requirements, installed with clean room to ensure sample processing and storage meeting international quality standard. HealthBaby adopts sealed multi-partition freezing bag for MSCs storage to eradicate cross-contamination. MSCs culturing service conducted by experienced expertise is available upon request.

MSCs can be induced to various kinds of epithelial cells and have the same medical application of Epithelial Stem Cells (EpSCs), thus storing the differentiated EpSCs at unreasonable high cost is unnecessary.


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