International accreditations serve as an important benchmark for a cord blood bank's quality. Thus, HealthBaby Group is strived to attain the most international professional accreditations to provide high quality services. Our techniques, quality and storage service met up with the stringent standard of authoritative organizations38.

Apart from fundamental AABB accreditation, HealthBaby is the first and only private cord blood laboratory in Hong Kong obtained FACT and CAP accreditations, and one out of the four triple-accredited cord blood banks in the world.

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How to Choose a Quality Cord Blood Bank?

Many parents concern if the quality of the cord blood bank is being monitored and well recognized, the only way is to check whether the cord blood bank has obtained accrediations issued by third party international organizations. HealthBaby attained most international accreditations since its establishment. Our laboratory is regularly reviewed by different organizations ensuring the transparent standard of the umbilical cord and cord blood samples.

Parents should select the best cord blood bank to save cord blood and umbilical cord for the health protection of baby as well the whole family.

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HealthBaby - The only HK Cord Blood Laboratory with Triple Accreditation in the World


The College of American Pathologists Accreditation(CAP)

HealthBaby is the only cord blood laboratory accredited by CAP in Hong Kong. It approves the processing, management and cord blood storage all are up to standards.


American Association of Blood Banks Accreditation(AABB)

It mainly aims for monitoring the operation and procedures of cord blood bank and to ensure compliance with international standards, the basic requirement for cord blood bank.

CAP Surveys and Anatomic Pathology Education Program

CAP Surveys and Anatomic Pathology Education Program

Checking the level of laboratory tests and make improvements.

CAP EXCEL External Comparative Evaluation of Laboratories Program

CAP EXCEL External Comparative Evaluation of Laboratories Program

Checking the level of laboratory tests and make improvements



The only accrediting agency that addresses all quality aspects of cord blood collection, processing, testing, banking, selection and release.



Accreditation Renowned by HealthBaby Hong Kong

2013 Productivity and Quality Certificate of Merit

Awarded by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, affirming the storage, processing and facility quality of HealthBaby.

2014 Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit

One of the most renowned accreditation of Hong Kong technology industry, recognizing HealthBaby's achievement in the high-tech industry.

5 Years Plus Caring Company

10 Years + Caring Company

Awarded by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, recognizing HealthBaby as a company who cares society, values employee and protects the environment.

2011-2016 Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Platinum Award

2011-2016 Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Platinum Award

Awarded by Reader's Digest, 100% voted by its readers. Total score higher than the first-runner-up by 3 times, perfectly recognize HealthBaby.


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