Get infinite rewards from HealthBaby! You can get 1 reward point by referring 1 friend to register HealthBaby service plan by 31st Dec, 2019. Use the reward points to redeem the following gifts. The more points you get, the more reward you gain!





1801A Extra 1 year cord blood/umbilical cord storage service 1
1802A PARKnSHOP Gift coupon HK$800 or MOP$800 2
1802B Mannings Gift Coupon HK$800 or MOP$800 2
1803A Wellcome Gift Coupon HK$1,500 3
1803B Macau New Yaohan Gift Coupon MOP$1,500 3
1804A Broadway Gift Coupon HK$2,000 4
1804B Macau Royal Electronics Square Gift Coupon MOP$2,000 4
1805A Ocean Park SmartFun Gold Annual Pass (1 adults & 1 child) HK$3,225 5
1805B Macau Galaxy Promenade Shops Coupon MOP$3,000 5


Points Calculation

Referrer (member) can earn point after the referee (new client) has successfully enrolled HealthBaby's service:


When referee...

Earned Point

Enrolled HealthBaby's cord blood banking service 1
Enrolled HealthBaby's umbilical cord banking service (including cord tissue / MSCs banking service) 1
Enrolled HealthBaby's cord blood and umbilical banking service at the same time (including cord tissue / MSCs banking service) 2
With twin baby and enrolled 2 cord blood storage service plans 2


Redemption Method

You may redeem the gift by either way below:

1) Login HealthBaby Member Zone

2) Call HealthBaby customer service hotline at Hong Kong (852) 3188-8899 or Macau (853) 2878-6717


Your agreement with us includes these Terms and Conditions.


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