Entrusted by most parents in Hong Kong1, HealthBaby has a very comprehensive service coverage. Apart from the traditional liquid nitrogen storage plan, HealthBaby also pioneered to provide the advanced BioArchive® System. All storage plan of HealthBaby adopts the expensive liquid nitrogen as storage medium to provide the most stable temperature for stem cell viability, providing the most quality umbilical cord and cord blood storage service.

To cater for different needs of clients, HealthBaby's cord blood and umbilical cord storage plan have very flexible and comprehensive service plan. Regarding cord blood plan, clients could select the storage plan base on the storage and processing system needs. As for umbilical cord storage service, apart from the storage system choice, clients could also select the plan base on keeping the tissue or MSCs.

The umbilical cord and cord blood service fee already includes registration fee, processing fee and 18 years storage fee, no any additional charge during the contracted year. Extra discounted would be provided for registering both umbilical cord and cord blood storage plan. HealthBaby existing customers and other cord blood bank customers could also enjoy special offers. Please contact us for details and any enquiries.


Cord Blood Stroage Service Plan (18-year)


Deluxe Plan

Processing System AXP® System
Storage System BioArchive® System
Liquid Niteurogen Storage
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Global Searching Network
Installment Plan
Storage Period 18 Years


Umbilical Cord Storage Service Plan (18-year)


Deluxe Plan

Platinum Plan

Storage Means EpSCs & MSCs MSCs
Storage System BioArchive® System BioArchive® System
Liquid Nitrogen Storage
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Installment Plan
Storage Period 18 Years 18 Years

3 more additional storage years would be rewarded for single payment client