Cord Blood is collected after the infant leaves the mother's body and the umbilical cord is cut, so the process of cord blood collection is absolutely safe and painless for both mother and infant. The quantity of cord blood depends on the size of the placenta and the thickness of the umbilical cord, it about 60ml on average for Asian. Every single drop of cord blood is rich in stem cells, so doctors will endeavor to collect as much cord blood as possible.


How to Collect Cord Blood?

Cut & Sterilize

Step 1: Cut & Sterilize

Cut and sterilize the needle insertion point of umbilical cord 3 times after baby is born.

Collecting Cord Blood

Step 2: Collecting Cord Blood

Insert the needle at the vein near the end of the umbilical cord, collect blood quickly (to be completed in 5-10 minutes) to avoid coagulation. Squeeze out all the blood in the placenta and umbilical cord until the umbilical cord looks pale.

Collection Bag Sealing

Step 3: Collection Bag Sealing

After collection, use two "cord clips" to seal the site 5-7cm away from the opening of the blood bag to prevent any leakage or pollution of the cord blood.

Call HealthBaby

Step 4: Call HealthBaby

Once the collection is completed, doctor will return the collection kit together with the cord blood to the mother. Please keep it at room temperature (15°C-25°C) and call HealthBaby hotline for pick up. Cord blood will be immediately processed once arrived the laboratory.