Umbilical cord lining collection will be performed after collecting cord blood by Obstetrics & Gynaecology doctors. Certainly, the process is absolutely safe and painless for both mother and infant.


How to Collect Umbilical Cord Lining?

Cut Umbilical Cord Lining

Step 1: Cut Umbilical Cord Lining

Cut the cord about 3cm away from the baby.

Get Umbilical Cord and Placenta

Step 2: Get Umbilical Cord Lining and Placenta

After collecting cord blood, place cord and placenta on a sterile cotton cloth.

Collect Umbilical Cord Lining

Step 3: Collect Umbilical Cord Lining

Cut the cord of not less than 15cm from the side which connects to the baby with sterile scissors.

Call HealthBaby

Step 4: Call HealthBaby

Unscrew the cap of container, then put the cord into the container aseptically and screw the cap tightly. Put the container into zip-locked bag, seal it and store in room temperature (store at 15℃-25℃). Please call HealthBaby hotline for pick up. Cord blood will be immediately processed once arrived the laboratory.