The EpSCs and MSCs in umbilical cord are able to minimize Graft Versus Host Disease (GvHD) in directed and unrelated allogeneic cord blood transplants. It can be applied to chronic illnesses treatment, regenerative medicines as well as organ and tissue engineering. In addition, At present, there are more than 980 EpSCs and MSCs clinical trials6,7, including Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, liver cirrhosis,diabetes, spinal cord injury and bone fractures, etc. Researches of stem cells therapy are growing worldwide, where EpSCs and MSCs become mainstream research topic, the researches mainly focus on malignancy(cancer), neurological, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular diseases, it demonstrates EpSCs and MSCs in umbilical cord can be used quite widely in medical aspect.

Only HB and CLHK can store EpSC. Other cord banks cannot get EpSC in the future.

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EpSCs and MSCs become the mainstream research topic for their great potential. Since no matching is required, EpSCs and MSCs can by used the babies, siblings, parents and even the grandparents. Therefore, parents should cryopreserve the primitive EpSCs and MSCs for future use.

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Comparison of MSCs Sources


No. of MSCs / 200 million TNCs

Umbilical Cord 600,600 units
Adult Bone Marrow 200 units
Cord Blood 100 units


The Variation of MSCs & Against Age